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China 'punishes 17' for deadly clash

Chinese authorities have arrested an official and punished 16 others following a deadly clash earlier this month in Yunnan, state media say. Eight people died, including four construction workers who were burnt to death, and 18 others were injured in the violence in Fuyou village. Villagers were reportedly unhappy about a land deal involving the construction of a trade and logistics centre. The arrested official was the village chief who state media said took bribes. There have been several high-profile village clashes over land deals in recent years amid rapid development.

Rwanda ends Ebola checks on travellers from US

Rwanda lifted on Thursday Ebola travel restrictions on travellers who had been in the United States and Spain after the president publicly told the health minister it was not necessary. Health Minister Agnes Binagwaho had this week ordered all travellers who had been in the United States and Spain within the past three weeks to send updates to her ministry each day they are in Rwanda.

But President Paul Kagame, in messages posted on Twitter, said the restrictions had been lifted, adding that the minister had "sometimes acted first and thought later", whereas it should be the "other way round". Visitors who have been to Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone within the last 21 days are barred from entry to Rwanda, which is screening all arriving travellers for Ebola. Rwandan citizens who have travelled to the three west African countries are placed under quarantine on arrival.

19 killed in Baghdad suicide bombing

A suicide bombing killed 19 people in Baghdad Sunday as an ambush halted an advance by Iraqi forces on a key northern city controlled by Islamic State (IS) militants.Baghdad has been hit by a surge in bombings over the last weeks. Most attacks have been claimed by IS militants, who are Sunni.In the northern part of the country, Iraqi forces attempted to reestablish control over the city of Baiji, which has been under siege by IS fighters.Meanwhile, Australia says it has reached agreement to allow 200 members of its special forces into Iraq to help in the fight against the Islamic State.

Ebola death toll rises to almost 4900

The number of people with Ebola is set to hit 10 000 in West Africa, the World Health Organisation said, as the scramble to find a cure gathered pace.

The UN's public health body said 9 936 people in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone - the three countries at the epicentre of the world's worst-ever Ebola epidemic - have contracted the disease. In total, 4 877 people have so far died. With experts warning the rate of infections could reach 10 000 a week by early December, researchers around the world are scrambling to beat the tropical fever, for which there is currently no licensed treatment or vaccine.

The figures were released as the WHO in Geneva on Wednesday held its third round of emergency talks on Ebola, discussing efforts to combat the tropical fever. A press conference will be held Thursday following the end of the talks. The talks are expected to last two days. Meanwhile doses of the experimental rVSV vaccine against Ebola arrived at the Geneva University Hospital from Canada.

US military airdrops weapons to Kurdish fighters

The US military has airdropped weapons and supplies to Kurdish fighters defending the Syrian city of Kobane against the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) group despite its ally Turkey’s declarations opposing such a move.The airdrops on Sunday were the first of their kind and followed weeks of US and coalition air strikes in and near Kobane, a city located near the Turkish border.Turkey rejects any arms transfers to the Kurdish fighters in Kobane despite the fact that the group has repeatedly fired mortar rounds near the Syrian-Turkish border.

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